A&A Auto Electrical – Car Repairs

Reliable repairs from a local Swansea garage you can trust

A&A Auto Electrical provide reliable car repairs for customers in Swansea, Manselton, Uplands, St Thomas and surrounding areas. We repair any make or model of car and are more than happy to deal with any car problems you might be having.

Exhaust repairs

We provide replacement exhausts tailored to your car as well as repairs. Rusting, corrosion and problems with the engine affecting emissions can all impact on your car’s exhaust system. Your manufacturer specifications will recommend when an exhaust needs to replace, which we can check at our Swansea garage.

Brake repairs, brake pad replacement and brake fluid top up

If your brakes are juddering, squealing, grinding, or the pedal isn’t pressing down far enough, these are good indications that your car is experiencing brake problems. If your brake pads or shoes need inspection it is normally associated with a noise – screeching, grinding or rubbing can indicate worn pads and may cause damage to other components within your car if not checked out. If your pedal isn’t working properly, it can also be a sign of brake pad wear. Bring your car to A&A Auto electrical and we’ll check out the brake system, to find the cause of any problems and notify you of any repairs.

Working on any make or model of car

We specialise in providing our customer’s car repairs, not matter what make or model of car. Whether you’re looking to repair a BMW, Suzuki, Fiat, Renault, VW or Mercedes, our team are qualified to find the cause of your car problem and fix it, all at a reasonable price. We personalise our service at A&A Auto Electrical, which means we tailor each repair to your vehicle. We’ll make sure we get original manufacturer equipment or equivalent quality so that your car runs as good as new. We know that unexpected repairs can be worrying, so we work towards making our costs as low as we can for our customers without compromising on the quality.

General car repairs

We also can fix suspension, steering, air conditioning, clutches, tyres, wheel alignment cam belts and gearboxes on all petrol and diesel cars. We also provide welding and mechanical work as well as engine diagnostic testing for your car, should you experience any dashboard warning lights. Book online today for a vehicle inspection or diagnostics if you’re not sure what’s wrong with your car, or contact one of our team at A&A Auto Electrical. We are happy to provide advice and guidance over the phone for your repairs, but we will need to take a look at your vehicle to give you an accurate quote.